July 12, 2020

How to look at all 100, or 10 steps to the transformation

I want to look at all 100!

  1. Give your skin a radiance. In the evening, spend time on a home scrub or cleansing mask, and in the morning apply a light moisturizer and make up using the strobe technique , which will instantly make your face shine!
  2. Get rid of circles and bags under the eyes. Dark circles – this is what gives the face a tired and painful look. Use the corrector to hide these imperfections.
  3. Refresh your hair color. Overgrown roots do not adorn anyone. Tint the roots in time, and you will see how your appearance as a whole changes.
  4. Use a white eyeliner. Apply it on the lower eyelid to make the look more open and rested. How to use eyeliner
  5. Fit your eyebrows. Wide, natural and well-groomed eyebrows are one of the main trends. See how eyebrows change faces , using celebrities as examples.
  6. Watch the manicure. Peeling nail polish and scruffy nails immediately make you untidy. Try to update the nail polish on time. If there is no time, remove the bright coating completely and apply a transparent varnish. And better do a gel manicure that will last a couple of weeks.
  7. Make a new haircut. Or at least trim the tips. You will immediately feel refreshed, and in addition, you will begin to look more neat.
  8. Start your face massage every day. Regular massage or gymnastics for the face will help you get rid of small wrinkles and make the face contour more clear and beautiful. It only takes 10 minutes every day!
  9. Choose a new perfume. Sometimes, for a good mood, just changing the aroma is enough.
  10. Do not forget about lip balm. Well-groomed and soft lips will help you not only to look tidy and feel better, but also to please men! So before leaving the house, be sure to apply a nourishing lip balm.

Try at least 3-4 items from our list, and you will look at 100! And besides, the mood will improve, and there will be forces for new achievements

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