July 12, 2020

Sensitive skin? Here are 5 ways to take care of them!

Tingling, burning, redness, itching, feeling of skin that “pulls” : these are just some of the annoying effects that those with sensitive skin know very well!
Hyperreactive skin – which can be congenital or, instead, present in particular periods of our life – is an epidermis that reacts disproportionately to external stimuli.
The cause? Usually an alteration of the skin barrier function of the epidermis : this makes it more fragile and more exposed to irritating agents. There are also some contributing factors, such as the use of unsuitable cosmetics, stress and an unruly lifestyle.
Sensitive skin can be uncomfortable, but there are a few things you can do to “keep it at bay”.

Here are 5 ways to take care of them!

1. We are what we eat

Follow a diet rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C that helps strengthen the capillaries : so go ahead with juices, lemons and kiwis! The natural vegetable oils, seasonal vegetables, dried legumes and buckwheat , rich in vitamin PP, are also excellent. Then, blueberries must never be missing, true allies of the beauty of the skin! Avoid smoking – active and passive – and, when you can, limit your consumption of coffee and alcohol . Also stay away from all those foods that weigh down the body (fried, over-seasoned dishes …). And remember to drink lots of water !

2. No to stress!

It is now known that stress is deleterious for our body. This discourse is even more valid for those with sensitive skin, given that an irregular lifestyle can exacerbate the effects of cutaneous hyperreactivity. For this reason it is indicated that you live in serenity: learn to carve out moments of relaxation just for you during the day and sleep at least 7 hours a night.

3. Cleansing & Hydration

It may seem obvious, but the sensitive epidermis needs cleaning, like any other type of skin, on the contrary, it needs it even more precisely because it is necessary to restore its barrier function and this starts from a careful daily cleansing . Better to avoid scrubs and instead use  cleansing milk or micellar water . Subsequently, after cleansing the face, you can opt for a  non-alcoholic tonic that tones, as the name says, the skin and gives a sensation of pleasant freshness. Be careful, then, when you dry! In fact, when you rub the towel on your face, you run the risk of aggravating the symptoms of sensitive skin even more.
Better to pat gently without rubbing .
If you aim to soothe the effects of a hyperreactive epidermis, hydration also plays a fundamental role because water levels must be rebalanced especially in the stratum corneum – the more superficial one – of the skin. Go ahead, therefore, to moisturizing and nourishing creams , as well as natural oils. And don’t forget that the night is the moment when the skin regenerates itself , for this reason it is essential to use  products designed to be applied before bedtime.

4. Protect yourself!

Although often a problem of genetic origin, sensitive skin is a condition that can be aggravated by numerous external factors, such as particularly aggressive atmospheric agents, smog, exposure to the sun .
Do not stay in particularly heated environments or with too much air conditioning and always protect your face from UVA and UVB rays with a special cream with SPF.

5. For each skin its cosmetic

If you have sensitive skin, we recommend using cosmetics designed specifically for this type of epidermis. These products, in fact, are formulated to minimize the risks of allergies and contain adequate and non-aggressive functional substances.
Use creams and make-up removers with chamomile, calendula, gingko biloba and red vine , all ingredients that help the skin to find some peace from the annoying tingling sensations and redness.
The Erbolario offers you a valid solution: the Delicalma line  contains organic ingredients and the exclusive Delicalma patented complex designed to help delicate skin. In addition, its products are COSMOS ORGANIC ( COSMetics Organic Standard ) certified .

Finally, remember that all L’Erbolario cosmetics carry the indication “7 metals” : it means that we monitor the content of seven heavy metals (nickel, chromium, cadmium, lead, mercury, arsenic, antimony) on each batch of each our products to minimize allergy risks and thus safeguard even the most sensitive skin 

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