July 12, 2020

10 Easy Ways to Look Smarter

If you want to look smart but also keep up with the times, here are 10 science-proven tricks  : 

1. Speak expressively – what you say is important, but especially how you say it.

2. Don’t show a lot of skin – smart people don’t get naked

Studies have shown that when they see more flesh, people think more about the body than about the mind. You may look well-dressed and fashionable, but not show too much of your body.

3. Make eye contact more often

4. People who are more intelligent go to bed later and get up later. According to scientists, the smarter people go to average at 00:29 and get up at 7:52.

5. Intelligent people are more prone to anxiety.

6. Smile – Scientists have found that smiling people look smarter.

7. Look, even if you don’t shoot. You need to have a upright posture when you are upright, but also when you are seated.

8. Change Your Name – It turns out that if your name is easy to understand, they are more likely to believe you. So if your name is a little more complicated, replace it with something simple and easy to understand. Often a good nickname solves this problem. 

9. Use the initial for your middle name – this is assumed to emphasize higher social status and intellectual power. 

10. Just believe that you can become smarter – this will greatly increase your chances of really becoming smarter. 

The leader of the study is Professor Daniel Smith, who says that there is a great connection between the level of intelligence, creativity and emotions. The study involved 1,881 people between the ages of 8 and 23 years. Professor Smith wanted to test each participant’s level through an intelligence test, but also monitor their emotions in different situations.

The results of the study show that children at the age of 8, whose intelligence scores are the best, are more likely to be more emotional than normal at a later age.

Here are the other findings from the study:

11. Anxiety

People with high intelligence tend to be more anxious, anxious, and nervous than average-minded people. 

Nervous tension may have evolved along with intellectual tension and may have given early humans an evolutionary advantage in our distant past.

12. New ideas

Statistics show that smarter people are more likely to come up with new ideas.

Historically, this may have meant rejecting superstition and finding new ways to organize society.

13. Loners

The more intelligent people socialize with friends and acquaintances, the less satisfied they are with life, which is in opposition to the theory that socialization makes people happier.

14. Confidence

Intelligent people are more likely to trust others because they are better at judging others’ personalities. 

Scientists find that people who trust more in others are also happier and physically healthier.

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